Furkot Pass

March 20, 2019

You do not have to pay to plan your trips with Furkot. That said, we do offer Furkot Pass: an exclusive access to selected features. You can get your Furkot Pass as a reward for booking through Furkot, or helping us improve Furkot. You can also support Furkot by purchasing the pass valid for 1 year for $14.

Most travel plans involve reserving a lodging, booking a flight, renting a car, or buying a guidebook. If you let Furkot direct you to vendors partnering with us to make a reservation or buy a product, we'll give you a free Furkot Pass as a reward. If your trip doesn't require any service available through Furkot, you have an option to buy the pass.

You can try the features available to pass holders for free before you purchase your Furkot Pass.

We wouldn't be able to develop Furkot without active involvement of its users. We want to express our gratitude by offering free Furkot Passes in return. Make a suggestion, report an issue, spread the word on social media, feature us on your blog, contribute to translation; do any of the above and contact us to receive your free Furkot Pass.

Furkot wouldn't exist without the underpinning of open source and data projects. If you are Furkot user and a contributor to an open source or data project that we use in Furkot, contact us and we'll send you a free Furkot Pass as a token of our gratitude.

As we keep adding new features to Furkot, some of them will only be available to pass holders. Your Furkot Pass will automatically include new features.

The exact terms governing Furkot Pass can be found here.

Furkot Pass Benefits

The list of features that are available to Furkot Pass holders:

Get Furkot Pass as a Reward

You can receive Furkot Pass as a reward for reserving a lodging, booking a flight, renting a car, or buying a guidebook through Furkot. If you do any of the above, Furkot will present you with an option to claim your free Furkot Pass when you try to use one of the features available exclusively to Furkot Pass holders.

We rely on vendors to report transactions to Furkot. There is a delay between you making a reservation and a vendor reporting it to us. If you don't see a reward option after 10 days contact us at trips@furkot.com.