Furkot Pass

October 1, 2022

You do not have to pay to start planning your trips with Furkot. That said, we do offer Furkot Pass: an exclusive access to selected features. You can get your Furkot Pass as a reward for booking through Furkot, or helping us improve Furkot. You can also support Furkot by purchasing the pass valid for 1 year for $14.

Most travel plans involve reserving a lodging, booking a flight, renting a car, or buying a guidebook. If you let Furkot direct you to vendors partnering with us to make a reservation or buy a product, we'll give you a free Furkot Pass as a reward. If your trip doesn't require any service available through Furkot, you have an option to buy the pass.

Even if you are not eligible for a free Furkot pass as a reward, you can try features available to pass holders for free before you purchase your Furkot Pass. In this way you can decide whether a feature meets your needs before you make a payment. Once your trial period is over, Furkot will offer you an option to purchase the pass when you access the feature available exclusively to pass holders.

We wouldn't be able to develop Furkot without active involvement of its users. We want to express our gratitude by offering free Furkot Passes in return. Report an issue, feature us on your blog, contribute to translation; do any of the above and contact us to receive your free Furkot Pass.

Furkot wouldn't exist without the underpinning of open source and data projects. If you are Furkot user and a contributor to an open source or data project that we use in Furkot, contact us and we'll send you a free Furkot Pass as a token of our gratitude.

As we keep adding new features to Furkot, some of them will only be available to pass holders. Your Furkot Pass will automatically include new features.

Furkot makes money by collecting commission when you make a booking or a purchase while planning your trip or when you purchase your Furkot Pass. We don't employ any methods of monetizing traffic or selling data. If your trip doesn't require any service available through Furkot, Furkot will remain free for you as long as your use is sporadic and your demand of Furkot resources remains modest. If you continue to exercise Furkot features considerably, we will ask you to contribute by purchasing [Furkot Pass]. Without Furkot Pass you can continue to view your trip, but you will not be able to modify it.

The exact terms governing Furkot Pass can be found here.

How to enable Furkot Pass

Furkot Pass is applied to your account automatically and enables pass holder benefits immediately after the purchase.

After purchasing the Furkot Pass you will receive an email receipt at the address provided during checkout. This email address is used solely for correspondence related to the payment. The purchased Furkot Pass is applied to the account you are signed in when completing the transaction. The email provided during checkout is not used to identify your account.

If you purchased Furkot Pass and yet cannot access pass holder benefits, it is possible that you have more than one account. Make sure you are signing into the account you used when purchasing the pass. If you have multiple Furkot accounts you can move trips to consolidate with the account you purchased the Furkot Pass for.

We will not stop you from getting the pass while using Furkot as a guest, but we advise that you sign up to create a full-fledged Furkot account either before or after the purchase to maintain access to your trips and your pass holder benefits from other devices and browsers.

Furkot Pass Benefits

The list of features that are available to Furkot Pass holders:

Get Furkot Pass as a Reward

Furkot partners with booking and vendor sites to offer you options to reserve lodgings, book flights, rent cars, and buy guidebook for your trip. For directing you to the booking and vendor sites, they pay us commission in a form of a small fee every time you end up making a reservation or purchase. That money is not added to your bill. When starting your booking or purchase on Furkot you are paying exactly the same price as if you went to the booking or vendor site directly.

As we receive commission for the reservation or purchase that you made through Furkot, we will present you with an option to claim your free Furkot Pass when you try to use one of the features available exclusively to Furkot Pass holders.

You can also check if you are eligible for a reward and claim your free Furkot Pass if you are here.

You can expect the reward option approximately 10 days after you completed your stay at the lodging reserved on Furkot or made a purchase. If you don't, check what you can do here.

While Furkot Pass that you buy is valid for a year, the one received as a reward may be valid for a shorter period of time depending on the number and type of reservations or purchases that you make.

This is a list of vendors and services featured in Furkot that pay us commission making you eligible for Furkot Pass as a reward: . The comprehensive list is also displayed in the Disclaimer section of Furkot website. If you don't see your favorite booking site on this list, please let them know to offer commissions for reservations made through Furkot, so we can in turn give you Furkot Pass as a reward.