Avoid running out of gas


Sometimes it's just inconvenience, other times it maybe scary. If your trip takes you to desolate, remote areas of the country where you don't see gas stations for miles, being prepared may make a difference between vacation and ordeal.

With Furkot help you can avoid running out of gas. Tell us how far you can go on a full tank and Furkot will automatically schedule refueling stops in your trip. And, if you travel in the United States, it will even point you to a specific gas station and warn you if the station cannot be found when it's time to refuel. You can then find a station yourself and add it manually to the trip.

In the Trip drawer, specify the fuel range of your car or motorcycle, and press the gas station button to enable automatic scheduling of fuel stops .

Fuel range

Furkot will propose fuel stops on your route. You can easily hide all automatically added fuel stops: switching off the gas station button will disable automatic scheduling of fuel stops .

For trips in the United States Furkot will also find a specific gas station, once you have all your lodging planned (once your automatic overnight stops are converted to permanent lodgings be it a hotel, a campground or a stay with family or friends). We are planning to add more countries and support electric cars in future.

If there are no gas stations nearby when it's time to refuel, Furkot will warn you by changing color of the automatically added fuel stop to red.

We teamed up with myGasFeed.com to show you gas stations in the United States on the map. Open the Eat drawer and select the fuel station category to see a list of gas stations on the map. You can compare prices and add selected gas stations as stops to your itinerary.

We obtained the permission from pure-gas.org to display their definitive list of stations that sell pure, ethanol-free gasoline in the U.S. and Canada.

Gas stations

If you know location of a gas station, you can add fuel stops manually – Furkot will take it into account when scheduling automatic refueling stops. To designate a stop as a gas station change its type from a regular stop to fuel stop .

Gas stop