Is Furkot free

October 18, 2022

Yes, Furkot is free. Once you start planning your trips you will have ample time to decide if Furkot suits your needs without paying for it. And you can continue using Furkot for free for as long as you let Furkot help you with arranging your travel necessities be it booking a hotel stay, renting a car, reserving flight or purchasing a guide book. Keep booking through Furkot and you won't ever need to pay to plan your trips with Furkot. On top of that we'll reward you with a free Furkot Pass to access exclusive pass holder benefits.

Furkot needs to pay its bills and make money for its creators. Aside from the commissions generated by users buying things and services related to their travel plans we don't employ any methods of monetizing traffic or selling data. If your trip doesn't require any service available through Furkot, Furkot will remain free for you as long as your use is sporadic and your demand of Furkot resources remains modest. If you continue to exercise Furkot features considerably, we will ask you to contribute by purchasing Furkot Pass. At that point you can continue to view your trip without Furkot Pass, but you will not be able to modify it.

How to use Furkot for free

When you plan a trip you may need to book a hotel, rent a car, reserve a flight or purchase a guide book. When you do, Furkot is there to make the booking or the purchase easier for you. We give you a selection of options, show you availability and prices, and pass relevant information to the booking or vendor site of your choice, so you don't have to type addresses, dates or titles. Our goal is to make your booking experience better, easier, faster than going directly to the booking site. Brand logos and icons that you see in Furkot drawers represent links to services provided by their websites. When you click such link Furkot will redirect you, passing along relevant data, so that you can complete a booking.

When you seek inspiration for your trip plans on Furkot Folio, a curated collection of public trips, we show you guide books geographically and thematically matching the trip you are planning. As many people rely on guide books as a definite source of travel information, our goal is to help you find the most relevant one.

For directing you to the booking and vendor sites, they pay us commission in a form of a small fee every time you end up making a reservation or purchase. That money is not added to your bill. When starting your booking or purchase on Furkot you are paying exactly the same price as if you went to the booking or vendor site directly.

We are working hard to offer you booking and service options only when it makes sense to you and helps you plan a better trip. We want to give you as broad selection of options as possible and if you don't see your favorite booking site, please let them know to team up with Furkot.

The commission generated by users buying things and services related to their travel plans is our primary and preferred revenue source. Still, we understand that not every trip requires services available through Furkot. This is why we also offer an option to purchase Furkot Pass: a 1 year exclusive access to selected features. You can try the features available to pass holders for free before you purchase your Furkot Pass.

When you use Furkot to help you with your trip reservations and purchases you will not only be able to use Furkot for free. We'll reward you with a free Furkot Pass to access exclusive pass holder benefits.

Things we don't do

There are money making avenues we don't pursue. While we are not making a sweeping stand here against various sources of revenue we feel it is our duty to seek the ones that benefit Furkot users as much as are profitable for us.

Furkot doesn't and isn't planning to display any banner ads where advertising message bears no relation to the visited website. We feel it is distracting and wastes screen space that we prefer to make available to your trip plan and map.

We are not selling your data per our privacy policy. We don't require you to use your real name. We don't need your e-mail address, unless you want to communicate with us or invite others to plan with you. We also have no intention of selling any statistical data that we could gather from the breadth of Furkot users. We feel you have the right to privacy. This comes with a caveat though: in order to make booking and other services available to you in the course of planning your trip we use 3rd party booking sites and APIs. They may gather some data on your activities after we direct you to their services.