Report a bug

July 6, 2022

We test Furkot thoroughly. That said, we cannot do that in every possible environment. Factors that may influence Furkot behavior include the type of the device, the operating system, the browser, and plugins or add-ons installed in the browser. We count on Furkot users to help us reproduce and ultimately fix the issues. We appreciate the time you take to report an issue and we welcome every bit of information.

We pride ourselves on fixing bugs quickly. Good bug reports certainly help with that. If you need advice on writing good bug reports we can recommend the essay How to Report Bugs Effectively by Simon Tatham.

When reporting a bug start by describing what you did in detail. Assume we exercised this part of Furkot and it worked for us. Since it doesn't work for you, either yours and our setup is different or you and we are doing things differently. Provide as much information as you can to help us identify that difference and reproduce the problem. Don't worry about writing too much. Consider including the following:

  • If the problem involves a trip invite us to share it. Press the share button at the top of the Trip drawer, and press the Invite button. Furkot will open a message in your email application. Enter as a destination address in the To field. If you haven't already done so, please describe your problem with a trip. Make sure you press Send. If your email application is not configured to open from the web browser, use the option Copy Link to have the invitation link copied to clipboard, open the email application yourself and paste the invite link from clipboard. Make sure we have the description of your problem and don't forget to Send.

  • Take a screen snapshot of the problem: in Windows and Linux it's usually as easy as pressing Prnt Scr button. On Mac press Cmd + Shift + 4 combination, then press Space and click Furkot window (see how to take screen snapshot on Mac). Sending us a snapshot will help us resolve your issue quicker.

  • Provide us with information about your configuration: open the diagnostics page and click the link at its top to send it to us. Additionally, email us the operating system, type of device, installed browser plugins.

  • If you feel comfortable to do so you can also send us the console output. Most browsers will display their internal consoles when you hold down Ctrl and Shift and J together (Cmd + Opt + J or Cmd + Shift + J on MAC). Or try F12 and click on the Console tab. The console is either displayed in a new window or in a special panel at the bottom of the current browser tab. Select, copy and paste its content or take a screenshot of that window and send it to us.