When things don't work

December 10, 2017

We strive to make Furkot as bug-free as possible but sometimes things do break. Whenever something unexpected happens please let us know. Send an e-mail or contact us on Twitter or Facebook. If we know about a problem we will be able to fix it faster.

There are several things to look at when Furkot doesn't behave as expected:

Browser version

While we test Furkot with a wide rage of browsers we cannot support all possible combinations of devices, operating systems and browsers. Furkot works well in the newest versions of Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Safari. For the best experience we suggest Chrome and Firefox browsers: they are both excellent, easy to install, offer uniform interface on all devices and operating systems, and they are updated frequently and automatically.

With the introduction of Edge, Microsoft is winding down support for Internet Explorer and we decided to stop actively supporting it. Its latest release, IE11, has been around since 2013. It is the only version of Internet Explorer still supported by Microsoft, has quite a few bugs that require special handling and it lacks many features and technologies that Furkot uses. We have to implement numerous workarounds to ensure it works. That slows down Furkot for everybody. Discontinuing support for Internet Explorer allows us to develop new features faster.

Make sure you are using an up-to-date browser: it's important not just because of Furkot - outdated browsers are slower and they can have bugs that make them unsafe to use. Visit WhatBrowser.org website to confirm that your browser is current and find a newer version if it's not.

Something is wrong with a trip

If the issue seems to be related to the specific trip try to check and fix warnings: while some - like the warning about weekends - are merely informational, most are a sign that something is not quite right with your trip. Look for stops displayed in red and check their details for the warning explanations. Unless you fix the issues with your trip, certain features - for instance printing or exporting - may not render the results you expect.

Occasionally Furkot will propose a route that is different from what you expected. If that happens make sure your road preferences and mode of travel reflect your intentions. Your preferred road may be seasonally closed thus prompting Furkot to route around it. Make sure your trip dates are set to indicate your travel plans and consider seasonal closures. Try the alternative route: it is calculated differently and may be more to your liking.

Furkot uses Google Maps API to find most routes. You can always compare Furkot route to Google directions. If you consider the results to be incorrect, send feedback to Google reporting a data problem.

We can have a look at your trip if you invite us to share it. Press the share button at the top of the Trip drawer, enter trips@furkot.com as a friend address and your e-mail as From address; then press the Invite button. If you haven't already done so, please describe your problem with a trip in a separate e-mail.

You don't see the trip that you planned

If a trip that you didn't delete cannot be found, please rest assured it's very unlikely that it is in fact lost. We realize that not finding a trip after putting all the effort to plan it is upsetting and we placed numerous safeguards to prevent data loss.

When you don't see the trip you are looking for on the list of your trips, try to reload Furkot webpage: in most Windows and Linux browsers hold down Ctrl and press F5. On Mac hold down Cmd and press R (in Chrome) or F5 (in Firefox). In Apple Safari hold down Shift and click Reload toolbar button.

Make sure you are signed in with same account you used when initially planning a trip. If you created the trip as a guest, you'll need to use the same computer (phone, tablet) and the same browser to access it.

If you created a trip as a guest and then signed up creating a Furkot account on a different computer or browser, your trip won't be automatically added to your account. In order to bring your trip into your account use the same browser as you used as a guest and sign out from any specific Furkot accounts - that will automatically display your trip in the guest account. As soon as you see your trip, sign in to the account you want to use in the future to access your trip and Furkot will automatically associate it with that account.

Furkot allows you to have more than one account and the trip you are looking for may be associated with a different account. In such case you can transfer the trip from account one account to the other:

  1. Sign into your Furkot account that has the trip you want to transfer.

  2. Invite yourself to share this trip and sign out of the account.

  3. Check your email and accept the invitation signing into your other Furkot account.

  4. Sign back into the first account and change the ownership of the trip to the other account.

At this point you can delete yourself (in your first account) from the trip - if you do that for all trips in this account, it, having no trips, will be deleted after some period of inactivity.

When you employ privacy-protecting measures you are effectively telling the browser to clean your data and forget your activities after you are done. That doesn't include the planned trips but will erase your means of access if you planned your trip as a guest. In such cases regaining the access to your trip may be hard and will require our assistance. If you think that it may be the case, please email us at trips@furkot.com providing as much information about your trip as you can recall: name, dates, names and addresses of stops. If your trip didn't contain many stops, consider recreating it - and consider creating a Furkot account before you proceed with planning.

Route does not follow mapped roads

Setting the Routing to Follow roads option (the default setting) causes Furkot to automatically calculate routes on public roads. Yet, sometimes, especially when zooming in, it may look like the route is taking shortcuts and missing roads.

Furkot limits the number of points stored per route. The value is carefully calibrated for a route to appear to closely align with roads as long as the zoom level allows you to see stops (or pass-through points) at the ends of the route segment. Furkot also devotes more points around stops than it does to the middle of the route.

In the normal course of planning a trip adding more stops has the effect of routes becoming more detailed and hugging mapped roads more tightly - because of that you don't need to worry about the impression of routes deviating from roads until your trip is fully planned.

If, at the end of your trip planning process, the routes don't align as closely with mapped roads at higher zoom levels as you would like, you can add more stops or pass-through points (most easily by dragging the route toward the road on the map). Or you can change the Routing to Travel off road option and shape the route yourself. Both actions will increase the number of points stored per route and make it appear to follow mapped roads more closely. It will also increase the number of points exported per track.

Furkot becoming inactive

When you are working on your trip, Furkot constantly sends updates to our servers to save your progress. It is also watching for changes made by your friends with whom you might be sharing the trip. When Furkot detects that it cannot communicate with the servers it switches into view only mode to preserve integrity of your trip. In such cases Furkot displays notification prompting you to refresh the trip.

Seeing the notification occasionally is expected, especially when your Internet connection is slow or unreliable. In rare cases Furkot is unable to maintain a stable connection to our servers which results in an intermittent inactive state. This may be the result of a poor network connectivity, but more often than not it is caused by a 3rd party antivirus software that tries (and fails) to inspect network communication.

Furkot relies on a standard technology of server-sent events. Some antivirus programs and some company firewalls may mistake Furkot connection for a movie or music streaming or a file download either blocking it entirely or delaying it beyond what Furkot can put up with. In this case adding Furkot domain to the list of exclusions in the antivirus program configuration should remedy the problem.

Furkot website cannot be reached

We do our best to ensure Furkot is ready for you 24/7. We monitor our servers from several places all over the world and we try to warn Furkot users whenever we experience any issues that can affect Furkot availability. That said, if you don't see any announcement in our Twitter feed or on our Facebook wall, and if your browser complains that Furkot cannot be reached, make sure to let us know. As always, it helps if you send your browser, operating system and device information.

If your browser cannot reach Furkot, there are couple of things you can verify. First of all it's worth checking if the problem that you are seeing affects other users. Visit isup.me and Furkot status page to check if Furkot is accessible from other corners of the Internet.

For security reasons communication between our servers and your browser is always encrypted. Regardless of your browser or operating system you will always have a secure connection indicated by a variation of the green padlock next to Furkot website address. In order to properly secure the connection Furkot refuses to use obsolete encryption protocols. This may cause some antivirus programs, especially the ones performing so called encrypted connection scanning, to interfere with accessing Furkot servers. If Furkot website appears unreachable check your antivirus program settings and disable this feature or add Furkot to the list of trusted websites.

Cannot drag routes

We are investigating reports of problems with route dragging in Windows 10. At the moment we do not know what is causing this behavior. If you are affected by this issue and are unable to drag the route, please know that you can influence the route path by adding pass-through points anchoring the route as stops with duration set to 0 in the Plan drawer.

Troubleshoot the problem

Depending on the problem you can try one of the following remedies. Do not feel like you have to try any of that before contacting us: we are happy that you are using Furkot to plan your trip and we will try to help you as best as we can.

  • Make sure you are using the latest version of Furkot. Check the More options menu and select the Update Now option if present.

  • Reload Furkot webpage: in most Windows and Linux browsers hold down Ctrl and press F5. On Mac hold down Cmd and press R (in Chrome) or F5 (in Firefox). In Apple Safari hold down Shift and click Reload toolbar button.

  • Force Furkot to sign you out by clicking the Sign Out button or, if not available, by following this link: https://trips.furkot.com/logout

  • Check and fix warnings: while some - like the warning about weekends - are merely informational, most are a sign that something is not quite right with your trip. Look for stops displayed in red and check their details for the warning explanations.

  • Read the manual: many aspects of Furkot are already described in its growing body of help articles. Your problem may turn out to be just a different take on a particular feature.

  • Some browser extensions, add-ons and plugins that modify page content may interfere with Furkot. Disable extensions - Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari - and, after restarting your browser, try Furkot again. If you discover which extension, add-on or plugin prevents Furkot from working properly, contact us to report a bug and we'll see if we can make Furkot work with it.

  • If you have an account with Furkot, clear Furkot data from the browser cache. See the detailed instructions for Chrome and Safari on Mac and iOS devices. However if you didn't sign up and are accessing Furkot as a guest don't clear the browser cache as it will remove access to your trips.

  • Find out if the problem persists when you use private or incognito mode of your browser. It's an easy way to try Furkot in fresh environment - without any stale data that may interfere with it. Please know that if you didn't sign up and are accessing Furkot as a guest you won't have access to your trips when browsing in private mode.

Report a bug

We test Furkot thoroughly. That said, we cannot do that in every possible environment. Factors that may influence Furkot behavior include the type of the device, the operating system, the browser, and plugins or add-ons installed in the browser. We count on Furkot users to help us reproduce and ultimately fix the issues. We appreciate the time you take to report an issue and we welcome every bit of information.

We pride ourselves on fixing bugs quickly. Good bug reports certainly help with that. If you need advice on writing good bug reports we can recommend the essay How to Report Bugs Effectively by Simon Tatham.

When reporting a bug start by describing what you did in detail. Assume we exercised this part of Furkot and it worked for us. Since it doesn't work for you, either yours and our setup is different or you and we are doing things differently. Provide as much information as you can to help us identify that difference and reproduce the problem. Don't worry about writing too much. Consider including the following:

  • If the problem involves a trip invite us to share it. Press the share button at the top of the Trip drawer, enter trips@furkot.com as a friend address and your e-mail as From address; then press the Invite button. If you haven't already done so, please describe the problem in a separate e-mail.

  • Take a screen snapshot of the problem: in Windows and Linux it's usually as easy as pressing Prnt Scr button. On Mac press Cmd + Shift + 4 combination, then press Space and click Furkot window (see how to take screen snapshot on Mac). Sending us a snapshot will help us resolve your issue quicker.

  • List the name and version of the browser, the operating system, type of device, installed browser plugins.

  • If you feel comfortable to do so you can also send us the console output. Most browsers will display their internal consoles when you hold down Ctrl and Shift and J together (Cmd + Opt + J or Cmd + Shift + J on MAC). Or try F12 and click on the Console tab. The console is either displayed in a new window or in a special panel at the bottom of the current browser tab. Select, copy and paste its content or take a screenshot of that window and send it to us.