Furkot becoming inactive

July 6, 2022

When you are working on your trip, Furkot constantly sends updates to our servers to save your progress. It is also watching for changes made by your friends with whom you might be sharing the trip. When Furkot detects that it cannot communicate with the servers it switches into view only mode to preserve integrity of your trip. In such cases Furkot displays notification prompting you to refresh the trip.

Seeing the notification occasionally is expected, especially when your Internet connection is slow or unreliable. In rare cases Furkot is unable to maintain a stable connection to our servers which results in an intermittent inactive state. This may be the result of a poor network connectivity, but more often than not it is caused by a 3rd party antivirus software that tries (and fails) to inspect network communication.

Furkot relies on a standard technology of server-sent events. Some antivirus programs and some company firewalls may mistake Furkot connection for a movie or music streaming or a file download either blocking it entirely or delaying it beyond what Furkot can put up with. In this case adding Furkot domain to the list of exclusions in the antivirus program configuration should remedy the problem.

To verify that the problem is caused by blocking server-sent events, open the diagnostics page and check the line labeled Server-sent Events. Send it to us (using the link at its top) if you need help interpreting the results.