Colors and warnings


Planning a trip is a balancing act: lodgings need to be arranged, schedules kept, attractions visited, flights boarded, crowds avoided. To give you an instant feedback on how all the pieces fit, Furkot uses colors: blue means everything is OK, red represents a potential problem and yellow suggests that there is still some work to be done.

Stop colors

Blue means everything is OK: arrival and departure are on time, overnight stops have accommodation reserved, start and end stops fit the trip schedule.

Yellow is used for overnight stops that are not reserved yet. Nothing wrong with it if you don't plan to book lodgings ahead of time. But if you intend to have the trip reserved before you go, yellow pins show how many reservations you'll need to make. Once you book overnight accommodations (or make arrangements with your hosts if you are staying with friends or family), put a link to a reservation or a confirmation number or a simple note as Booking Confirmation and the stop color will change to blue .

Places that you decided to bypass (skip), but didn't delete in case you change your mind and want to visit after all, are displayed in half-tone gray .

While the trip is in progress (when the current date is after the day the trip began and before it finishes), stops that are in the past are displayed in grey as already visited. That makes it easy to track your progress during the trip.

Automatically scheduled stops are displayed in half-tone. Lodgings are yellow, fuel stations - blue or, if there are no gas stations nearby, red.


Red is meant to attract attention. Stop displayed in red color (for longer than a brief moment when Furkot retrieves and calculates the route) warns about a potential problem with the trip plan. It might mean that Furkot cannot find a road to the stop, or that locked arrival time cannot be met and actual arrival is either too early or too late, or stop timing exceeds the trip length. Furkot will display the reason of the problem in the Plan drawer. To see it click on the red stop and look for the warning icon with an explanation what's wrong.

If you want, Furkot can help you to avoid weekend crowds. That comes handy if your itinerary includes popular attractions. It's almost always better to schedule them on weekdays. And, if you are booking accommodations, start with reservations for those busy Saturday nights. You can make Furkot to warn you in red whenever you try to visit a particular attraction on Saturday or if you don't have an overnight accommodation reserved for the weekend. Click on in the Trip drawer to enable weekend stop warnings .

You should check and fix warnings: while some - like the warning about weekends - are merely informational, most are a sign that something is not quite right with your trip. Unless you fix the issues with your trip, certain features - for instance scheduling of overnight stops, printing or exporting - may not render the results you expect.

If you are not ready to fix the problem, you can tell Furkot to ignore it by clicking on the warning icon. Ignoring the warning doesn't solve the underlying problem: it just changes the stop color.

Route colors

Furkot uses colors to differentiate routes displayed on the map. By default your off road routes are displayed in a different shade. You can also use alternate colors for each day , display inbound and outbound legs of a round trip in different shades, or show each route in its own individual color .

Use the the earth button to set your route color preferences.

Route colors