Consider seasonal closures

May 23, 2023

Many scenic roads in mountainous areas are temporarily impassable. Some may be scheduled to close for the season. Others may experience intermittent closures due to inclement weather. It is next to impossible to predict the state of a road in the future. It is hard to anticipate even scheduled closures since the relevant information is scattered all over the Internet and, for some roads, not even available online.

Faced with such difficulties, Furkot makes an optimistic assumption that roads stay generally open year-round. We suggest you treat the route you plan in Furkot as just that, a plan. Do not rely on it for navigation purposes, especially in mountainous areas in fall, winter, and spring. Always check the state of roads before you leave to verify that they are in fact open. It goes without saying you should obey all road closure signs. Use a device or application with access to current road conditions in real time to navigate your trip to avoid lengthy detours and disappointment.

Consult a government agency (local department of transportation) to check the roads status before you leave on your trip. In the United States and Canada information about current road status and scheduled closures is provided mostly by 511 telephone system and its web-based equivalent. Links to road conditions and incidents information for each US state and Canadian province are listed here.

When you plan a summer trip and want to take a road that is seasonally closed, check its scheduled opening dates. If you are confident it'll be open during your trip, drag the route to follow this road or place one or more stops along it. Furkot may display a warning that the road may be seasonally closed. You can ignore it only after you've checked the actual status of the road independently.

Despite placing stops or pass through points along it Furkot may refuse to follow your preferred road if it closes seasonally. If you checked the status of the road, and are confident it'll be open during your trip, you can override Furkot's reluctance: select the route and try the Alternate option . Furkot will calculate route differently and the resulting alternative route may follow the desired road. Otherwise you can change the Routing setting to travel off road and manually shape the route. You should only do that if you know for sure the road will be open during your trip.

When you plan a winter trip, you want to avoid closed roads. Look at the elevation profile of a route and, if its altitude and gradient suggest a possibility of a seasonal closure, check its scheduled opening dates and actual status prior to leaving. While you cannot tell Furkot to avoid the road, you can and should drag the route to follow more suitable roads.