Plot off road tracks

November 25, 2015

Select places you want to visit and Furkot will do the heavy lifting of calculating the best route according to your preferences. You can even change the mode of travel for a part of your trip to include a walk around the city landmarks or a bike ride on a former railroad bed. Wherever there is a mapped feature - a road, a bike track, or a hiking trail - Furkot will use it according to your mode of travel.

In real life though you occasionally need to veer off track and Furkot doesn't constrain you to mapped features. Whether you want to go jeeping or hike an unmaintained trail, you can still plan those activities with Furkot.

To plot an off road track add stops as you normally would and let Furkot calculate a route between them. If Furkot does not find any route - or if the found route is not to your liking - select it by clicking on it. The plan drawer will open with details of the selected route. Make sure that the desired travel mode is set. Try the Alternate option to see if Furkot can find a road that better suits your needs.

If neither regular not alternate route is acceptable, change the Routing from the follow roads option to the travel off road setting.

When a route segment is marked to travel off road Furkot will not change it's shape. You can plot its course by dragging individual points; Furkot will not snap to it roads when you drag it. You can redraw the off road route segment as a straight line using the Reset button. It's especially useful before reshaping a route to a completely different path.

The off road routes are displayed in a different shade than routes that follow roads (unless you modified the Color Routes setting). In the Plan drawer the off road routes are marked with a different icon than standard routes. The alternate route segments are always treated as off road.

Even if you do not plan any off road travel Furkot's off road routing may prove useful. There are many reasons Furkot may avoid certain traversable roads: road work performed when you plan your trip that will be completed before you leave is one of them. Regardless of the reason, which you should double check before you embark on your trip, you can still plot your route treating it as off road.