Plan trip variants

February 14, 2016

It is possible to plan several variants of your trip. You can:

Skip stops

Every stop on the way can be marked as skipped. Skipped stops are greyed out on the map and do not affect your route or dates. You can easily make Furkot recalculate your itinerary by skipping and re-adding the stops.

Skipped stops are included when you export your trip.

Transfer stops between trips

You can plan one version of the trip and then create a new trip in the same area. Once the map is displayed open the Find drawer and select the category My other trips, route and tracks and subcategory Stops from my other trips. All stops from other trips in the same area will appear in the list and you can copy them using the Stop button to the current trip. If a stop had been skipped in the other trip you have an option to Move it in addition to copying.

You can also merge together multiple trips planned on Furkot. Select subcategory My other trips in the Find drawer under the category My other trips, route and tracks. Use the Route button to merge the selected trip into the current one.

Duplicate trip

Instead of starting a new trip from scratch you can easily make a copy of your trip by clicking the Duplicate button in the Trip drawer. Furkot will create a new trip that that is the exact copy of the original. Your modifications and edits are not reflected in the original trip and people whom you invited to plan the trip with you don't have access to your new trip. Unless of course you invite them to your new trip as well.

Skip routes

Route segments that are set to travel off road and shaped manually can be skipped. Skipping a route removes it from the trip itinerary but saves it as a skipped stop. Such route can be re-added to the trip itinerary later by using its skipped stop Route button.

Skipping routes is an advanced feature: optimize Furkot for Advanced use under the Plan drawer filter to enable it.

Skipped routes can optionally included when you export your trip. Exporting skipped routes is an exclusive benefit offered to Furkot Pass holders.

Plan B

There is usually more than one way to travel between stops. For example you may want to take a highway and save some time or enjoy the views along the scenic road. You may want to spend a day outdoors if it is sunny and visit museums if it rains. Furkot helps you save such alternative plans.

You can create a plan B route between any two subsequent stops: depending on your Display Stops filter option they can be pass-through points, regular stops or overnight stops. That last option allows for creating plan B for the entire day.

To start, select a route and click the Plan B button. Furkot will change your original route into plan B and display it using a dashed line. It will calculate the new shortest route between the stops and display it using a solid line. You can now modify the new route: drag it to change its course and add stops to it. Only the new, primary route is used to calculate time and distance, but you can easily swap it for your saved plan B route by clicking the Plan B button again. Every time you swap your routes Furkot will recalculate your itinerary. You can always edit the primary route: add more stops, or drag it to follow a different course. And you can swap it at any time with the plan B variant to see how it affects your schedule. It works as if you were planning 2 similar trips at the same time. Don't forget about the undo button: it will always take you back to the previous version of the trip.

You can add as many plan B routes as you want. That said, if you find yourself adding many of those remember that duplicating the entire trip and planning it independently might be better suited for your needs.

If you don't need the plan B route any more, remove it from your plan: select the dashed route on the map and click the Delete button to get rid of it.

Plan B routes are are included when you export your trip.

Plan B is an advanced feature: optimize Furkot for Advanced use under the Plan drawer filter to enable it.