Export, import, synchronize

July 12, 2019

As much as we like you, the user, to do all your trip planning on Furkot, we don't want to lock you in. After you invest your time into putting a trip plan together, you have every right to take it wherever you like. Conversely, if you used another application or website, you should be able to bring your plan into Furkot and not start from scratch. And if you have a planning tool that complements Furkot, you should be able to use it seamlessly in tandem.

To help you exchange your trip plans with other applications, websites and devices Furkot supports exporting, importing and synchronizing trip plans in variety of formats.

We are working on expanding the list of trip plan formats supported by Furkot. If Furkot is not offering the file type you need, drop us a line and we'll try to add it.


You can export your trip at any time from the Trip drawer. Click the export button and Furkot will prompt you to select a file format. Furkot will create a copy of your trip plan in the desired format and will download it to your computer.

While exporting trips in basic GPX format is offered to all users free of charge, selecting the file format and configuring the file content is a feature available exclusively to Furkot Pass holders.

Check out the detailed instruction including the full list of formats that you can export your Furkot trip to here.


To make a trip plan out of a file look for the import button above a list of your trips (if you are viewing a specific trip, click My Trips button to get back to the list of trips). Furkot will prompt you to select a file from your computer.

Instead of creating a new trip you can use GPX, KML, or CSV files to add stops and routes into the trip that already exists. Open the trip that you want to modify, and click the import button. Once the Find drawer opens select the file to be imported.

Importing trips, places, routes and tracks from files and websites is a feature available exclusively to Furkot Pass holders.

Check out the detailed instruction including the full list of formats that you can import into Furkot here.


In addition to importing and exporting your trip data you can synchronize a trip that you plan at Furkot with other application. Unlike import and export, synchronization is performed automatically once you connected the other application to your Furkot account.

Every time a trip is opened, Furkot will check the changes and reconcile differences between your trip plan on Furkot and your trip data kept with the other application. You can also perform the check for changes and reconciliation anytime you want: press the sync button in the Trip drawer.

Sometimes Furkot may not be able to reconcile differences automatically: you can review the changes and accept or reject them using the match button in the Plan drawer.

The primary application supported by synchronization is TripIt, an online travel itinerary organizer. Check out the detailed instruction of how to synchronize your booking confirmations in TripIt with your Furkot stops here.