Useful applications

February 27, 2023

There are plenty of applications and websites that are useful before, during, and after the trip. Furkot's goal is to complement them rather than to replace them. To that end we provide options to import and export trip plans in a variety of formats. We pull data from multiple sources and we direct users there for more information. We offer shortcuts to launch travel-related applications. With your permission, we also provide 3rd party applications and websites access to your trip plans.

We are always on the lookout for useful and compatible applications and websites. This page lists a few that we verified to work with Furkot. If there is an application that you think Furkot should work with, please email us.

Furkot implements a standard way of launching map and navigation apps on phones and tablets and will work with all applications that follow generally accepted standards.

Furkot may already support your preferred map and navigation app. On Android devices Furkot works with any map and navigation app that subscribes to the same intent URL as Google Maps and the Default Map App (common intent geo:). On both Apple iOS and Android apps that support GPX or KML files can be used to open such files exported from Furkot.

Specifically, Furkot supports the following applications:

  • Apple Maps - a default map and navigation application for Apple iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, and iPod) launched in response to navigate buttons next to stop coordinates and address.

  • Google Maps - a default map and navigation application for Android phones and tablets; also available for Apple iOS devices. When set as preferred navigation app, Google Maps will launch in response to navigate buttons next to stop coordinates, its address and route.

  • OsmAnd Maps & Navigation - an open source map and navigation application for Android and Apple iOS devices based on OpenStreetMap (OSM) map data. All the main functionality works both online and offline. Offered as both free (limited number of map downloads) and a moderately-priced paid version. In order to launch Android version of OsmAnd Maps & Navigation from Furkot, set the preferred app to Default Map App in the Navigation Apps and use the navigate button next to exact coordinates for the most reliable results. If you export a GPX file from Furkot on an Android device, you can open it via File Browser or Dropbox or you can copy it to the osmand/tracks folder to navigate along it with OsmAnd. If you export a GPX file from Furkot on Apple iOS device you can use the Open in option to pass it on directly to OsmAnd Maps.

  • Scenic - a new Apple iOS navigation app by an motorcycle enthusiast intended for motorcycle riders and everyone else who enjoys scenic touring. You can select Scenic as your preferred navigation app to launch in response to navigate buttons next to stop coordinates, its address and route. Scenic can also import entire trips created with Furkot: export your trip in the GPX format making sure to select tracks (and not routes) and select Scenic as the Open in option to convert the exported file into a navigable route. In addition to turn by turn and voice navigation, Scenic offers many specialized features: offline maps, ride tracking and recording, route creation and scenic route finding among others.

  • Guru Maps - formerly Galileo Offline Maps offers detailed offline vector maps based on OpenStreetMap data, in addition to navigating and recording trips. Selecting the Guru Maps GPX option (available to Furkot Pass holders) when exporting trip from Furkot will include stop symbols and day colors in the format that Guru Maps can display.

Regardless of the phone, we would like Furkot to work with other map and navigation apps but we cannot test them all. You can help by testing apps you have installed on your phone following these instructions for Android or Apple iOS devices.

Access trip plans

Furkot allows 3rd party applications and websites access to Furkot users' trip plans. The data is only available to view and always requires you, the Furkot user, to give your express permission to access your trips. You can also rescind your permission at any time.

If you are a developer looking to display trips that your users planned on Furkot, check the article about Furkot API.