Improve map and places

June 18, 2019

Furkot relies on a wide range of websites to show you attractions and points of interest. Occasionally, some information that Furkot obtains might be inaccurate or out of date. Follow the guidelines below to correct and improve it.

The content featured on Furkot includes both information rendered directly on map and listed in Find , Sleep and Eat drawers. Furkot does not own that information, but it does index various Internet resources that specialize in collecting, curating, and rating places.

We have a special relation with America's Scenic Byways: we have built it as a replacement for website discontinued by Federal Highway Administration. We have been maintaining it as an open source initiative. We invite you to contribute content to America's Scenic Byways.

Improve map

Furkot main map is based on OpenStreetMap built by a community of mappers that contribute and maintain data all over the world. If you spot inaccurate information rendered on Furkot map, consider correcting it directly at OpenStreetMap website. Look for the Improve the map link in the bottom right corner of Furkot map that will direct you to the same area of the map on OpenStreetMap.

Once the information has been corrected on OpenStreetMap website, Furkot will pick it up during the next scheduled update.

Correct places

Almost always a place listed in Find , Sleep or Eat drawer comes with a link to the website that provided it, to the page with more detailed rendition. Use the link to check the place on its website and notify its owner when it's not correct.

A place may not have its own page on the originating website. In such cases use the attributing link displayed below information about the place.

The attributing link for a place provided by OpenStreetMap leads to the page displaying all the information already compiled about the place. You can contribute changes and corrections on that page using the online editor. If the place displayed by Furkot is not linked to an OpenStreetMap feature, you can center the map on the place and correct it in the same way as other map inaccuracies.

Once the place has been fixed on its website, Furkot will pick it up during the next scheduled update.

Contribute byways

We maintain America's Scenic Byways as open source initiative. You can contribute content to it on github. Or you can use Furkot to add new byways and improve existing ones.

To add a new byway, plan a trip that follows the byway. Include as many stops at byway point of interest as you can. Publish a tripshot and email us a link. We'll do the rest.

If you want to correct or enhance existing byway, open its page on America's Scenic Byways and use the Plan with Furkot button to create your own copy of a trip along the byway. Make changes to this trip, publish a tripshot and email us a link; we'll take care of updating the byway with your changes.