Decorate tripshots and albums

April 14, 2019

When you publish a trip snapshot (tripshot) to share with friends and - optionally - with Furkot community, Furkot shows you how it will appear when other people view it. You can customize tripshot appearance by adding a photo and a link to more information about the trip.


When you view the tripshot that you created use the edit button to add or change a photo and a link to additional information about the trip. The photo will appear in the left upper corner. The link will be displayed as clickable hyperlink icon next to the trip name. This is a perfect way to promote your blog post related to the trip or to share a link to a website that inspired you to plan it.

Edit trip snapshot

Tripshots shared with Furkot community are grouped in albums; the tripshot will have a link to its album labeled See more trips.

Tripshot link to album


When you share a trip publicly with Furkot community it is placed in an album depending on tags assigned to the trip.

The tripshot album can be accessed by using a link labeled See more trips. The album name is based on user name or, if the trip has tags assigned, on the first tag. If the trip has more than one tag, the tripshot will be also added to album corresponding to each tag.

When viewing an album use the edit button to customize the album name, its description, associated photo and a link to more information.

Edit tripshot album


Despite the wealth of travel resources on the web, people continue to use traditional guidebooks. When displaying tripshots and albums Furkot suggests a few relevant books based on trip geographical area and its name. Presented guidebooks link to Amazon to facilitate purchase. People clicking on books displayed by Furkot and then buying them on Amazon help us fund Furkot and keep it free. There is no surcharge for starting shopping on Furkot: when you click on featured books you pay exactly the same price as if you went directly to Amazon.

We strive to display the most relevant travel books for the trip. We do not accept money for link placement or for clicks that do not end in purchase. We don't display unrelated books or irrelevant advertisement either.

In some cases our automatic algorithm may fail to select the most appropriate books. If you used a guidebook when planning your trip and want to help us keep Furkot free select it as the most relevant pick when publishing a tripshot. Click the edit button next to the featured book and select your preferred choice. If Furkot does not show it, use the searchbox to find it. You can do a broad search by place names - like Mexico or San Francisco - or a specific one by title or author.