Earn money with Furkot widgets

March 25, 2019

Your travel-related website or a blog attracts visitors who intend to go on a trip. Their interest in your website content is framed by their goal of planning a trip. The more helpful your website, the more time they will spend browsing it. Furkot offers ways of increasing your audience engagement by providing trip planning capabilities for your website.

When you place trip planner widget, tripshot widget, or a plan with Furkot button on your website, you help your visitors plan a trip. This functionality alone will entice your visitors to spend more time on your website and increase your earnings from revenue sources you are already employing.

In addition to the indirect influence on your earning potential, Furkot offers you a direct earning opportunity: once visitors start adding places from your website to their trips you can receive a share of revenue we earn from these trips for booking hotels, flights and car rentals.

While offering the highest earning potential, Furkot widgets are not the only way to benefit from the Furkot's revenue sharing program. Check out how you can promote your website/blog on Furkot and earn money in the process.

Why partner with Furkot

Users planning their trips start by finding interesting places and attractions and progress to making reservations for the trip. Most travel-related websites rely on reservations as a source of income. But, unless your website's primary focus is making reservations, chances are visitors come to your website for information essential to trip planning before they are ready to finalize travel plans.

When visitors to your website add stops to their trip itineraries by means of Furkot widgets, Furkot records the fact that your website contributed to their trip plans. When, in the course of trip planning, users are ready to make reservations, Furkot is there to facilitate the reservation process based on the data contained in user's trip itinerary. Compared to booking sites, Furkot has more information about users' plans and employs a number of techniques that make reserving a multi-stop trips easier and more foolproof. Since Furkot maintains users' trip itineraries, it is a place users visit throughout the entire planning term not just when they seek materials about places to visit. This is why users are more likely to proceed to making reservations on Furkot than on either the booking site directly or a travel-related website that links to a booking site.

Furkot distributes commissions it receives for users' reservations to the websites that contributed stops to users' trips and this is how you can earn money by embedding Furkot widgets in your website.

Revenue sharing program

In order to participate in the Furkot's revenue sharing program you need to:

  1. Register online to join the program;

  2. Embed trip planner widget, tripshot widget, or plan with Furkot button on your website or provide us with travel-related content.

Don't forget to include the unique identifier from your profile in Furkot widgets and buttons.

Receiving compensation from Furkot revenue sharing program is predicated on users adding places to their trips. If you promote Furkot in a way not associated with specific places, you may not be able to participate in the program. but we can offer you a free Furkot Pass. Contact us to receive your free Furkot Pass in recognition of your efforts promoting Furkot.

Commission rates

We calculate commissions paid to Furkot's revenue sharing program participants according to the formula described in the section 4.4 of the revenue sharing agreement. For every user making reservations for a trip that Furkot receives revenue for, we check which websites contributed to this user trip plans in the preceding 365 days. The participating website's share of revenue from this user is R multiplied by M and divided by T, where:

  • R is the revenue generated by the user;

  • M is the participating website multiplier (a number based on performance with the starting value of 1); and

  • T is the sum of multipliers, one for each website that contributed to any of this user's trip itineraries in the preceding 365 days.

For instance, if 2 websites (including the participating website) contributed to user's trip plans and each had a multiplier of 1, the commission paid to the participating website would be 50% of the revenue from that user. If 20 websites (each with a multiplier of 1) contributed, then commission rate would be 5%. If the participating website had a higher multiplier - let’s say 9 - and the only other website contributing to user's trip plans had a multiplier of 1, the participating website's commission rate would be 90%.