Promote your website / blog

March 10, 2014

In addition to planning your trip, Furkot can also help to promote your travel-related website or blog.

Examples of content suitable to promote on Furkot include:

  • a post that describes tourist attractions,
  • an article suggesting a trip itinerary,
  • a website endorsing a restaurant, a hotel, a roadside attraction or a point of interest,
  • a website presenting thematic collection of places (historic churches, scuba diving spots, hiking trails, etc.),
  • a forum devoted to discussing travel-related topics,
  • a guidebook, both traditional and electronic.

Start by creating a trip that relates to the website you would like to promote. Make it public: press Share button in the Trip drawer, check option Share your trip with Furkot community and then press Publish. You will be taken to the trip snapshot (tripshot) page where you can use the Edit button to add a photo and a link to your website.

Public trips are visible to other Furkot users during planning: they can be viewed on the map, added to an itinerary, or used as blueprints. In any of those contexts, users taking interest in a shared trip will see the link to your website or blog.

It's not just Furkot users who see your promoted content. Publicly shared trip snapshots are listed in Furkot's sitemap and submitted to search engines (Google, Bing, etc) increasing the number of inbound links to your site and potentially helping its search rank.

We periodically monitor publicly shared trips to ensure quality. We strive to ensure that link to your site is in good company. We are also looking for new additions to Furkot Folio: a curated collection of published trips. If you shared more than one trip and have a travel-related blog or website that you'd like to make visible on Furkot Folio, please contact us.

You can also show off trips you create to your audience; check out Furkot's tripshot widgets to learn how.

Creating tripshots is not only a great way to showcase your website or blog, it can also become a source of revenue: once enough users base their trip itineraries on your tripshots you can receive a share of revenue we earn from these trips for booking hotels, flights and car rentals.

Revenue sharing program

In order to participate in the Furkot's revenue sharing program you need to:

  1. Register online to join the program;

  2. Create and publish interesting trip itineraries.