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Have you been dreading booking all hotels for your trip: multiple cities, multiple booking sites and many dates and details to mistype? Let Furkot help with that. We will take you through the whole process page by page and hotel by hotel. All you need to do is to keep pressing Next until you are Done. You are free to use your favorite booking service site, or the one with the cheapest rate for each reservation.

Once you found all the lodgings for your trip you can proceed to booking. It's always a hassle to book multiple hotels on multiple sites, but Furkot helps to make it easier. Go to Trip drawer and press the book button. You'll see Furkot page shrinking to the small toolbar at the bottom of the browser screen and most of the browser window being taken over by the booking service site. You'll notice that most of the details - such as check-in and check-out dates are pre-filled for you and that you are looking at the very hotel you already found in Furkot. You can complete your reservation and once the booking page displays the confirmation number (or a link to the confirmation page) copy and paste it into Furkot booking toolbar at the bottom. Then you can press the Next button and Furkot will take you to the next hotel. Repeat the procedure until you have everything reserved.

Hotel booking