Third-party Content Use and Reproduction Policy

September 13, 2019

This policy covers rules and circumstances under which Furkot obtains and reproduces third-party content and data.

Factual Information

Furkot obtains and presents factual information about places to help users plan their trips. This information may include a destination’s name, address, geographical coordinates, phone number, email address, website, amenities (i.e. pet friendly or diesel available), prices, and factual ratings.

Since facts are not protected by copyright, there are no issues with us sharing factual information found via other sources. However, we identify and link to the websites that provided the data for users’ benefit and in recognition of the effort that went into collecting and curating the content. Additionally Furkot may reproduce exact wording (i.e. pets allowed) when it is a short phrase utilitarian in nature and thus not protected by copyright.

We may consider input from our web sources regarding how we present factual data and provide links. Please contact us at with suggestions about presenting factual data from and linking to your website on Furkot.

Fair Use

Furkot uses and builds upon third-party content, which is protected by fair use. This is often a short snippet of place description or a brief quote from a review. With all such uses, Furkot uses a minimal amount of the content of the entire page.

Furkot will always link to the website that provided content and make clear the snippet is not the totality of information. The rendering ensures that it does not serve as a substitute for the website providing it and encourages users to visit the linked website.

Presenting only small portion of information and directing traffic to is intended to benefit the copyright holder of the source website. Please contact us at if you have recommendations on how to promote a third-party website.

Licensed Content

When Furkot uses non-factual content outside confines of fair use, our intention is to comply with all requirements of the content license.

Please contact us at if you think that we failed to meet a stipulation of your content license.

Suspected Copyright Infringement Notification

Furkot hosts static snapshots of trips (a.k.a tripshots) that users voluntarily and independently elected to made publicly available. Tripshots may contain user-generated content. If your copyright-protected work was included in published tripshot without authorization, you may submit a copyright infringement notification. Make sure you consider whether fair use exception to copyright applies. The most effective way to submit a copyright infringement notification is to email us at We comply with all properly submitted DMCA takedown notices regarding user-generated content.

This policy was last modified on September 13, 2019