File formats

August 27, 2015

In addition to standardized formats, Furkot exports trip data in a variety of proprietary formats compatible with GPS devices and navigation apps.

Following formats are currently supported:

File Format Description Github project File Content
.gpx GPS eXchange format furkot-gpx Stops, routes, tracks.
Garmin symbols for stops.
Stop addresses as Garmin GPX extensions
.gpx Garmin route GPX furkot-gpx Stops, routes, tracks.
Garmin-specific data as above.
Travel parameters as Garmin route extension
.kml KML 2.2 file furkot-kml Stops, routes, tracks.
Compatible with Google Maps and Google Earth
.ov2 TomTom overlay file furkot-tomtom-ov2 Stops only; no routes, no tracks
.trp CoPilot trip furkot-copilot Stops and/or routes; no tracks.
Trips with multiple daily routes exported as .zip files containing one .trp file for each route

If the file format that your GPS device or navigation app supports is currently under development you can help us test it - email us, if you are interested.